Caliber Forensics specializes in building investigation, from the foundation to the superstructure, roofing, and cladding. We have experience with a wide variety of building types, including religious facilities, educational buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, retail buildings, and residences. When damage occurs, whether from construction defects, weather-related events, moisture intrusion, fire, or collapse, Caliber has the experience and expertise to determine the root cause, extent of damage, and repair required to ensure the affected building is safe and code compliant.

Structural Failure

From roof collapses, impacts from trees and vehicles, damage to basement and retaining walls – utilizing scientific procedures, Caliber can determine why a structure failed, and what is needed to bring it back to a pre-loss condition.

Roofing & Cladding

Caliber has the tools and expertise to determine the cause of damage, fractures, and displacement to roofing and cladding, and find the source of moisture intrusion migrating through the building envelope.

Fire Damage

Whether wood, steel, concrete, or masonry, Caliber can analyze the structural components of a building after a fire, to determine what members require replacement, and what is needed to ensure the repairs are code-compliant.

Litigation Support

Caliber provides expert witness services for litigation resolution and subrogation, including deposition and trial testimony. As a named expert, our founder is experienced and skilled at communicating findings based on scientific evidence and sound reasoning.

Catastrophe Response

Caliber’s staff has experience managing thousands of post-catastrophe files, which has led to the creation of a streamlined workflow that allows Caliber to respond efficiently and accurately to a high quantity of claims associated with catastrophic events.

Foundation Movement

When fractures and separations appear on the interior or exterior of a building, Caliber can provide a full foundation inspection to determine the presence of any differential foundation movement, and the potential contribution of specific factors, such as plumbing leaks.
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