Headquartered in Houston and serving the entire state of Texas, Caliber Forensics provides building damage investigation to assist claims professionals, attorneys, and property owners and managers. For projects outside of Texas, Caliber engineers are designated as Model Law Engineers with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), allowing expedited licensure by reciprocity in most states when the need arises.


Caliber Forensics was founded to provide a targeted approach with rapid and reliable results within the insurance industry. With this in mind, Caliber focuses on these three key principles:


Caliber partners with insurance professionals to provide a cohesive claims experience for both the professional and the insured, with frequent contact and accurate timelines. Further, Caliber provides straightforward and concise answers to the questions at hand, avoiding incomprehensible jargon and unclear reports.


Caliber takes a targeted approach to investigation and has honed the workflow and report preparation process, using the latest tools and technology, to provide rapid results. This allows Caliber to provide services at a fair and reasonable cost, and to expedite the claims process.


You can count on the findings of Caliber Forensics to withstand scrutinizing examination. All professional opinions reached by Caliber Forensics are founded on scientific investigative methods, physical evidence, and sound, credible reasoning. Further, all engineering reports are peer-reviewed by a licensed Professional Engineer and conform to ASTM E620.


Glen E Smith, MS, PE founded Caliber Forensics in 2018 to provide industry-leading assistance to adjusters and claims managers, litigation support for attorneys, and help for owners who have suffered property damage. With over 18 years of engineering experience, which has entailed laboratory research, structural design, and forensics, Glen has investigated a wide range of commercial and residential structures for foundation failures, failed structural components, fire damage, explosion damage, storm (tornado, hurricane, high wind, and surge) damage, roof damage, structural collapse, water intrusion, construction defects, and code compliance, as well as supervised and reviewed thousands of forensic inspections of other engineers. Prior to his forensic experience, he managed, designed, analyzed, and administered construction of numerous religious facilities, educational buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, retail buildings, and high-end residences, utilizing steel, concrete, wood, and masonry. Additionally, he inspected existing structures and designed major structural renovations for reuse and remodeling.

Scott D Abraham, PE joined Caliber Forensics in 2022. Scott has over 17 years of engineering experience in design, construction, procurement, and forensic analysis of a wide variety of construction types throughout the United States and abroad. He has provided services in support of insurance carriers, attorneys, building owners, design professionals, contractors, and the federal government. His experience includes failure analysis relating to structural damage, soil instability, foundation movement, pavement performance, and underground utilities. He has also evaluated contract compliance, runoff analysis, and various site conditions. His extensive analysis and design experience combined with his educational background enables him to analyze a wide variety of failures.  His experience also includes catastrophe response involving hurricane winds, storm surge, tornadoes, floods, and hail. In addition, he executed construction projects in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (IF) by coordinating with local Iraqi government officials, U.S. Army civilian affairs personnel, and USACE project managers.

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